A Note From Our President

President's Message

Greetings and Welcome to the Official Xi Phi Lambda Chapter’s website!

I am Bro. Damien Seabrook the President of this chapter. We are a progressive chapter that is moving toward greatness, as we challenge each brother to be great!  In being great, we continually ask brothers to remember their initial commitment to ALPHA. To serve! We are located in Summerville, South Carolina, which is nestled in rich tradition and history! In striving for greatness, you will always need motivation.  With the increasing growth of our beloved city, we continue to actively engage and cater to the ever-evolving needs of our community.

While attending a fraternal conference just a few short years ago, in jest some of our brothers joked about being “unaware” of a chapter seated in Summerville, SC.  How long was the chapter there? How many members are in the chapter? Just the two of you or is it five of you all? The fire ignited within us to show everyone that not only are we here, but that we are working; which led to what we refer to as the “X”.  The X in Math represents “the unknown,” and the X being the first letter in the chapter’s name birthed our movement, “Respect the X.”

However, we did not stop there and subsequently added the hashtag #summervillescalphas! Over the years, we continue to contribute locally through our national programs and community partnerships.  We utilize every opportunity advancing the local chapter experience and improving ourselves. Our goal is not to impress upon or make others think that we are better than any other chapter. We have an internal drive within this chapter to be the best that we can be! Through this drive, we hope that our efforts continue to inspire all chapters alike to continue being “Servants of All!”

In practicing this – – we better serve our community, brothers and humanity for all mankind.

Respect The X!



Bro. Damien Seabrook
President – Xi Phi Lambda Chapter