Xi Phi Lambda Strategic Plan

Goal: 1 –Reclamation/Retention

Objective: 1 – Reclaim and Retain Brothers in the Chapter.


1.1 The brothers in the chapter are vital to the chapter’ success.

Measure: Track the number of brothers we have in the chapter (via Alpha Net) to monitor who has remained and left the chapter.

1.2 The brothers must remain in engage with all of the chapter business to stay relevant.

Measure: Assign brothers to tasks within the chapter to keep them engaged.

1.3 Utilize brother’s assets to make the chapter stronger.

Measure: Find out the occupations and talents of each brother and utilized that to further the chapter success.

1.4 The first week of October chapter Dues are due and Recently Reclaimed brothers from the previous year should be checked

Measure: The Chapter Historian and Chapter Financial Secretary will check Alpha Net and the Chapters Financial Records to verify the status of the brother.


Goal: 2 – Fundraising

Objective: 1 – Raise Money to build a financial structure to strengthen the chapter.


2.1 Find suitable fundraisers that will maximize monies for the chapter.

Measure: Track the fundraisers the chapter does now and use the best money making ones. Also start ideas on bigger fundraisers.

2.2 Sponsorships should be utilized often in our fundraising efforts. Spread the word that we are a 501 C 3 Organization.

Measure: Track the number of sponsorships we have and get more to further the chapter’s mission. We must seek out those sponsors and get their maximum dollars.

2.3 Brothers have to engage in our fundraising efforts more than the expected guest.

Measure: Track the level of the brother’s participation financially in fundraising when monies or other data are finish. The attempt is not to embarrass any brother but we must have some measure to know how to get better.


Goal: 3 – Chapter Infrastructure


Objective: 1 Create an infrastructure to have the chapter function properly.

3.1 The Chapters District, Regionals and Nationals obligations as it pertains to payment and instructions.

Measure: Create a document with the date, amount of invoices, and instructions on how, where and inserting delegates.

3.2 Accountability of brothers, events and historical moments are vital to this chapter for historical purposes and will be recorded by the Chapter’s Historian.

Measure: The Chapter Historian records will include all chapter events, brothers who attended, events supported by brothers, conferences and attendee’s and all other chapter related chapter business.

3.3. The Chapter will have chapter events and will partner with other organizations to further its mission of service to all mankind.

Measure: The brother(s) will complete an After Action Report (Form 01) that will detail the event so that chapter can examine the strengths, weaknesses and how to improve. The AAR will be a guide for brothers to have if the event is done again.

3.4. Financial Transparency for chapter money that is given to a brother(s).

Measure: The Treasurer/Financial Secretary will issue Form 02 (Distribution of funds) to a brother(s) detailing the amount of money that is being disbursed.

3.5. Financial Transparency for chapter money that is returned

Measure: The Treasurer/Financial Secretary will issue Form 03 (Return of Distributed funds) to a brother(s) for funds that are returned.

3.6. Financial Transparency for profits that were made from events, fundraisers and any other events.

Measure: The Treasurer/Financial Secretary will issue Form 04 to a brother(s) upon returning money. Receipts and or money will be returned after every event within 3 working business days. Business days are Monday through Friday. If an extension is needed the Executive Board will be informed and a decision will be made in regards to the extension.

** The Xi Phi Lambda Chapter is moving in the direction of greatness and structure to help us be the best chapter in the world.